Maylyn & Co.’s Plant-Based Sleepwear is Comfortable, Durable and Sustainable

Canadian sleepwear brand Maylyn & Co. introduces their innovative, vegan, and luxury sleepwear that is ultra kind on the skin.

Canadian sleepwear brand Maylyn & Co. introduces their innovative, vegan, and luxury sleepwear that is ultra kind on the skin.

TORONTO, Feb. 14, 2021 /vWire/ — Canadian sleepwear brand Maylyn & Co. is offering the ideal solution for those seeking luxury sleepwear that is not only sustainable, but durable, comfortable, and soft on the skin. Maylyn & Co. maintains a strong stance on achieving high ethical social standards that are echoed throughout the business model. The Vegan silk ™ alternative, Persian Lotus silk ™, takes an innovative and alternative approach to animal-sourced silk that’s breathable and helps reduce sweating at night.

The company was founded in response to skin sensitivity due to synthetic materials used in clothes. These synthetic materials can be harsh on the skin, and their production involves toxic materials and waste that has significant implications for the environment.

“Let’s face it: we all die for comfy and luxe sleepwear. Knowing that the materials are plant-derived and long-lasting makes it even more pleasing for us,” says May Deldari, Founder of Maylyn & Co. “As a woman who was diagnosed with severe skin sensitivity to certain materials from a young age, I was always looking for great clothing alternatives that are not skin irritating. My biggest struggle has always been with finding breathable nightwears; because sweating at night made my condition worse.”

Starting an organic clothing line was the ideal way to inspire change that would encourage other businesses to treat employees fairly and ethically while also treating the environment with care.

Maylyn & Co. works closely with international partners and retains 100% control over every step of the production process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. Products are manufactured in smaller quantities to assure higher quality products, and eco-friendly solutions throughout the supply chain like plant-based fabrics and biodegradable packaging ensure Maylyn & Co. maintains a low-waste strategy in the production of all of its garments.

About Maylyn & Co.

Maylyn & Co. is a Canadian lingerie and loungewear brand offering a range of beautiful pieces that are crafted with the finest cruelty-free, green materials. The Toronto-based brand takes pride in its innovative approach in introducing an alternative to traditional animal-derived silk. Their Vegan silk ™ alternative, Persian Lotus silk ™ has a high moisture control feature that helps you reduce sweating at night and ultimately elevates your sleep quality. Being kind to Mother Nature and Quality Excellence are amongst the core values of the brand.

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