V-dog Launches New Meatless Jerky Treat for Dogs Worldwide

International plant-based dog food company introduces kindjerky in America

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 19, 2021 /vWire/ — With 2021 bringing the third-year anniversary of v-dog’s global expansion, the group is releasing globally, under their international v-planet brand, “kindjerky,” their first ever “meaty” vegan treat for dogs.

This chewy treat, which has received a perfect 10 out of 10 approval rating from multiple test groups, comes as a great addition to the company’s plant-based dog food, treats and chews. The new treat will be first sold on the v-dog Amazon storefront.

“We’re so excited for kindjerky to be our very first v-planet product available in the United States, and to offer this meaty-yet-vegan treat to the global market. The treat is savory, chewy and everything dogs love,” said Darren Middlesworth, v-dog president. “We’re confident pet parents want clean, allergen-free options for their pups.”

With this introduction into the United States, v-planet now has products in 12 countries including: South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, Lebanon, Singapore and Thailand. V-planet began manufacturing its products in Canada in 2018.

Kindjerky is 100% natural and contains only animal-free ingredients including pea protein, sweet potato, and non-GMO coconut glycerin.

“The health and well-being of our dog customers is always our number one priority,” said Lindsay Rubin, v-dog vice president. “But that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice flavor in dog treats. In addition to our other varieties of products, kindjerky is a treat pet parents can offer their dogs that is tasty, plant-based and highly nutritional.”

About v-dog® & v-planet®:
We use 100% vegan ingredients to power our nutritionally complete and balanced v-dog and v-planet dog food. Our products are allergy-friendly, easily digestible, and veterinarian-approved. Not to mention totally yummy! We’re committed to protecting, loving (and snuggling) all animals, not just pets. When your pup adopts a plant-based diet, they’re taking a stance against animal cruelty. Plus, a vegan dog, like a vegan human, leaves behind a much smaller environmental “paw print.” We make plant-powered food that’s gentle on our earth’s resources. To learn more about the benefits of plant-based food for your dog’s diet or distribution opportunities please visit v-dog (US) and v-planet (international).

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