Vwire supports companies that are committed to animal-free and sustainable practices.

Vwire was conceived out of a desire to provide cruelty-free businesses a platform to reach the vegan media and audiences searching for information about products and services that enhance the vegan way of life.

Today, the vegan movement is gaining momentum with over 75 million vegan consumers worldwide. Vwire is the first of its kind wire service exclusively serving this segment.

We believe in the power of vegan companies to build a thriving economy based upon compassion and oneness with a cruelty-free, sustainable planet. Vwire is devoted to uplifting businesses that apply vegan principles throughout their enterprises and driving exponential growth of the new VegEconomy.®

Join us as we set out to build the first-ever exclusively vegan news wire service to amplify the narratives of cruelty-free businesses contributing to the transformational new VegEconomy.®

Star Simmons Founder

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