RŌMR Enters Beverage Market With Full Line of Natural Wellness Shots

RŌMR Wellness Shots

FORT WORTH, TexasJuly 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RŌMR, a new lifestyle beverage brand from Alliance Consumer Group (ACG), has entered the marketplace with a full line of functional 3.0-oz. wellness shots designed for the active lifestyle. Each of the six all-natural shots were developed to produce a specific outcome for consumers, including Energy, Immunity, Digestion, Focus, Hydration, and Sleep. Two years in the making, the RŌMR line is a dietary supplement, packed with a synergistic blend of natural ingredients. The recurring usage of the RŌMR wellness shots is meant to help consumers reach their goals, becoming the best complete version of themselves.

“We like to think of our wellness shots functioning as a Sherpa for consumers,” stated Kurt Baxter, vice-president of marketing for ACG Brands, the parent company of RŌMR. “When scaling a mountain, the highly skilled Sherpas don’t do the climbing for you, but they do provide you with the knowledge, instruction, and encouragement to get you to the summit. RŌMR was developed as a balanced support system – to help active lifestyle consumers reach their own personal summits in life.”

Each product in the full line of RŌMR’s wellness shots contribute to an individual’s functionality, with synergistic formulas designed for specific needs. They include:

Energy – this Berry-flavored shot contains Taurine, Green Tea, and B Vitamins meant to produce an immediate, long-lasting boost

Immunity – flavored with a Berry Crush taste, RŌMR’s Immunity shot is made with Reishi Mushroom, Echinacea, and Elderberry, meant to enhance the body’s natural internal defense system

Digest – developed with a Pineapple Crush flavor, the digestion shot supports digestive issues with a combination of Ginger, aloe, and Chamomile

Focus – this effective shot delivers plenty of brain power focus with a tropical taste made with B Vitamins, Green Tea, and Choline to assist with mental focus and memory

Hydrate – this Lime-flavored shot is infused with Himalayan Pink Salt and Electrolytes to deliver and enhance hydration and recovery from intense workouts

Sleep – created with a Berry Mango flavor combination, this nighttime shot is designed with Chamomile, 5-HTP, and Valerian Root to produce a deeper, more satisfying sleep session

The full line of RŌMR’s shot collection has no sugar added, is shelf-stable, and cold-processed to enhance flavoring. All are vegan compatible, non-GMO and gluten-free. RŌMR is manufactured in the U.S with all ingredients domestically sourced.

RŌMR is now available directly to consumers through the brand’s e-commerce platform with free shipping, as well as on Amazon. The brand offers a subscription-based purchasing option as well, allowing consumers to custom-pick the shots they want and choose a recurring delivery date. Consumers can save 35% on every bottle purchased, a $17.88 savings on every pack of 12. The subscription program can be managed online and modified at any time. Future distribution will include traditional retail channels, including big box stores, grocery chains, and convenience stores. In addition, RŌMR has initiated an ambassador program in which they’re currently recruiting “Roamers” to help promote the brand with key constituents.

“The origin of the name RŌMR was developed out of our mantra and belief that people should be free to ‘Roam Well’,” added Baxter. “We want our active lifestyle consumers to know that this line of all-natural wellness shots support specific health and wellness benefits – from the moment you are awaken until it’s time to rest.”

For more information, please visit RŌMR on the web at romrwellness.com

About RŌMR

RŌMR is a full collection of six, all-natural, 3-oz. wellness shots designed for consumers with an active lifestyle. Each shot has its own proprietary flavor and synergistic formulation, contains no artificial ingredients, and is designed for recurring use to produce a specific wellness solution. The all-natural line of shots includes Energy, Immunity, Digest, Focus, Hydrate, and Sleep, each produced with a synergistic blend of ingredients with no sugar added, gluten-free, and vegan compatible. RŌMR is available directly to consumers through a secure e-commerce portal on the brand’s website, and on Amazon.com. Sourced from nature and served for adventure, RŌMR invites consumers to give wellness a shot. For more information, please visit RŌMR on the web at romrwellness.com

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