Plant-Based Dodo Burgers Now Available Worldwide!

GREENFORCE launches new ‘Dodo burgers’ mix


  • The taste experts at GREENFORCE have examined testimony from Dutch settlers from the 1600s to assess what Dodos tasted like
  • New ‘Dodo burgers’ to bring back the taste of the 1600s
  • “If tasty plant-based meat had been available back then, perhaps we would still have Dodos today!” – Patrik Baboumian, world record-breaking vegan strongman and GREENFORCE ambassador

vWire: 1st April, London, UK – German food tech start-up, GREENFORCE, today launches a new product to take the world back to the 1600s. GREENFORCE’s 100% plant-based ‘Dodo burgers’ will give consumers an authentic taste based on testimony from Dutch settlers in the 1600s.

The new Dodo burgers will be quick and simple to prepare, thanks to the ‘Easy Mix’ method, which allows them to be provided in powder form.

The German start-up, tipped to become the European answer to Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods in the US, is using a range of innovations that enhance sustainability, taste, convenience and health benefits, all of which have been utilised for the new Dodo burger range.

Commenting on the launch of the Dodo burgers, GREENFORCE ambassador, Patrik Baboumian, said: “Not since 1681 has the world seen Dodos. It’s a tragedy in many ways and an example of human-induced extinction. Who knows… if tasty plant-based meat had been available back then, perhaps we would still have Dodos today! We have to find a way to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen again and offer people alternatives to eating animals.

“Of course, we know that many people like the taste of meat, hence why we have created a wide range of products that mimic the taste, flavour and texture of various animal products, but crucially without the animal suffering or negative environmental impact.

“To make sure we got the taste for Dodos just right, our team went deep into the history books to find testimony from settlers on Mauritius who described the taste of Dodos. We used that testimony to inform our product development and create the ground-breaking Dodo burger using pea protein, which is now available worldwide, as of today, April 1st.”

The new Dodo burgers are also highly sustainable. The sustainability credentials of the new ‘Easy Mix’ Dodo burgers win comfortably when compared to animal protein. On average, the pea protein used by GREENFORCE uses 8 times less water, 48 times less land, and has a greenhouse gas footprint 113 times smaller than minced meat (for 100g pea protein vs. 100g protein from minced meat). When compared directly to traditional pork from pigs, GREENFORCE’s pea protein has a greenhouse gas footprint that’s 9 times smaller, and uses 18.6 times less water.

The ‘Easy Mix’ Dodo burger packets consist of high-quality pea protein, to which only water and cooking oil needs to be added to form a sausage. The quick and easy method is thanks to the hard work of the development team at GREENFORCE, which has revolutionised the market with what is likely to be ‘the most sustainable plant-based meat in the world’ and aims to secure the protein supply for future generations.

After nine years of intensive research and excellent success in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, the GREENFORCE team has decided to introduce new product ranges into the United Kingdom.

The Dodo burger Easy Mixes are available today, worldwide, for consumers and catering businesses.


GREENFORCE is a German producer of plant-based food mixes – on a mission to produce the most sustainable vegan ‘meat’ products in the world. GREENFORCE’s innovative products consist of a powder mix of, among other things, pea protein, which can be used to make plant-based meat products by adding water. The company was founded in Munich in 2020 by Thomas Isermann. After a successful launch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, it is now also available for the UK market.

The products can be ordered through a carbon neutral process for all UK residents via

The GREENFORCE range in the UK now includes:

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