New global Fundraising Work Placement program to attract talent to animal advocacy NGOs

Animal Advocacy Careers just opened applications for its new global Fundraising Work Placement, matching fundraising talent with animal advocacy organizations worldwide.

People with a lot to offer to the animal advocacy movement often struggle to get their foot in the door for their first role. At the same time, animal advocacy nonprofits are struggling to find talented fundraisers who can help them get enough funding to take the movement to the next level.

The global Fundraising Work Placement program addresses both problems simultaneously and is aimed at individuals who want to experience a fundraising role for an effective animal advocacy organization.

The program is based on a 3 months remote, part-time or full-time job. People can read more about the program and apply at Animal Advocacy Careers’ website.

“I am delighted that AAC has invited Advocates for Animals to partner on the new Fundraising Work Placement program. It is a challenge for us to find promising, mission-aligned fundraisers and as a not-for-profit law firm that represents some of the most impactful animal groups in the movement, this program will help ensure that we can keep our services accessible.” Edie Bowles, co-founder, Advocates for Animals.

If you are looking for a more meaningful career helping animals and can be persuasive, this program is perfect for you. “We are especially hoping that people from less privileged backgrounds will apply, who might otherwise find it difficult to spare the time and money to take on the unpaid opportunities that enable them to get their foot in the door.” – Lauren Mee, Animal Advocacy Careers co-founder and CEO.

Applicants could be matched with organizations from different continents. Some of the organizations include New Harvest and Legal Impact for Chickens in the United States, Advocates for Animals and Animal Ask in the United Kingdom, Vegetarianos Hoy in Latin America, and Animal Advocacy Africa in Africa.

The deadline for applications is on the 1st of May. When enrolling in the program, participants will also be supported to take part in Animal Advocacy Careers’ online course and meet other fundraisers and animal advocates.


About Animal Advocacy Careers: Animal Advocacy Careers (AAC) is an organization that seeks to address the career and talent bottlenecks in the animal advocacy movement. We are providing free careers services for individuals at all levels of experience with animal advocacy: those new to animal advocacy, those looking for career planning and support, and those employed at animal advocacy organizations.


Ana Barreiro
Animal Advocacy Careers

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