EatKind Sets Sights on Veganizing the World, One Recipe at a Time

The AI-powered search engine converts any food or recipe into a vegan alternative, making eating a plant-based diet easier

BANGALORE, India (September 22, 2021)/vWire/—For those looking to add more plant-based foods into their diet, the thought of having to give up their favorites to go vegan can be daunting. But EatKind is now making eating vegan easier thanks to its AI-powered search engine that veganizes recipes users plug into it.

EatKind was launched in July 2021 by founder and CEO Neetha Avalakki. She decided to create the platform after going vegan herself and being nervous about the limited food options she thought would be available to her. But as she learned more about the vegan lifestyle, she quickly found that many of her non-vegan favorites could easily be converted to vegan options.

If she wasn’t aware of all the options out there for vegans, Avalakki figured others considering a plant-based lifestyle probably weren’t either. Using this hunch and her professional experience building products for tech start-ups, Avalakki got to work developing the EatKind solution to give those who are already vegan or considering converting to veganism an easier way to veganize their meals.

The EatKind website gives users two ways to discover vegan recipes. If they type in the name of a food they are looking for, turkey sandwich, for example, the engine returns popular turkey sandwich recipes. The Veganize Recipe button underneath each search result then transforms the recipe into a vegan alternative. Users can also paste the URL of a favorite recipe into the search box, and EatKind will return a list of vegan products to substitute for non-vegan ingredients.

“Most people are only familiar with big dairy and meat alternative brands such as Oatly and Beyond,” said Avalakki. “However, smaller, more local entrepreneurs in the plant-based foods industry have shown a lot of innovation in order to meet the growing consumer demand for more localized cuisines and tastes. And it was critical for EatKind to address this discovery problem to achieve our goal of making the planet vegan. And one way to do that was by providing a method for anybody to make any dish or meal vegan.”

With the number of people converting to plant-based diets and becoming more health-conscious on the rise, Avalakki anticipates an increasing demand for resources like EatKind. In addition to offering undeniable health and environmental benefits, a plant-based diet also protects and cares for the world’s animal populations, another motivation Avalakki, an animal-rights advocate, had in creating EatKind.

EatKind is currently available in web format. A mobile app is currently under development. A browser plug-in is also in the development pipeline so users can more easily transform recipes into vegan alternatives by simply visiting any recipe website.

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