West Orange, NJ – September 23, 2021 /vWire/ AVEGAN Beauty, a health and wellness company that creates advanced vegan science-based skin care and dietary supplement products, has launched a plant-based alternative to animal collagen –their NutraChic Beauty Drink.

NutraChic helps support robust collagen, diminish fine lines, increase hydration, and create radiance by using nature’s most deeply pigmented and life-enhancing nutrients as lutein, lycopene and astaxanthin which are found in marigolds, tomatoes and algae and are proven to go right under the skin to nourish cells from the inside out. Also contained in this delicious red drink is CoQ10, and its cohorts Acetyl Carnitine and D-ribose, which energize skin cells to create luminosity, as well as Super Vitamin E with all eight factors making it 50 times more powerful at protecting skin from the effects of the environment than vitamin E alone.

Animal-based collagen is a global $15 billion annual market destroying animal lives, human health and the planet. Consumers purchase animal-derived collagen in the hopes of smoother, wrinkle-free skin and improved joint health. When humans ingest animal collagen, it is broken down within the body as protein and can be deposited anywhere; whereas the nutrients in NutraChic accumulate under the skin where they are needed most to protect beauty for decades to come. With NutraChic as a collagen builder, beauty seekers can avoid the hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and pesticides that have polluted animals and contributed to poor health for humans and the planet.

AVEGAN Beauty’s goal is to help the vegan and flexitarian consumer create robust collagen of their own, without resorting to the animal suffering created by the sale and use of slaughterhouse collagen powders.

“As a lifetime health and beauty seeker, I discovered the true secret to skin health came from plants, not animals; and as a vegan who already didn’t want to exploit animals for my benefit, I knew I needed to provide a way for others to do the same. That’s why I created NutraChic. It is holistic and wakes up every part of the body from the inside so that health and wellness radiates on the outside,” said AVEGAN Beauty Founder Sally Malanga. “Before creating NutraChic, I had been taking different pills of these plant-based nutrients for years, so I made NutraChic to be a tasty berry-flavored powder equivalent to eight bottles of those pills. It can be enjoyed in water, a smoothie, or a mocktail – the possibilities are endless!”

AVEGAN Beauty seeks to raise $1 million in investment from the impact investor community to grow their direct-to-consumer business to end animal suffering for beauty. Investors can participate in AVEGAN Beauty and other vegan led companies for $100 and up at www.wefunder.com/newearthbeautyinc. Your investment will help AVEGAN Beauty scale production and sales of products to challenge the growing animal collagen fad and replace these cruel products with safe and effective supplements and skin care solutions.

For more information about AVEGAN Beauty, please visit www.aveganbeauty.com.


For media inquiries, please contact Crystal Vogel at crystal@aveganbeauty.com or 912-509-1510.