AVEGAN Beauty is the First Business to Sell Shares on the World’s First Vegan Crowdfunding Platform

WEST ORANGE, NJ – June 3, 2021 /vWire/New Earth Beauty, LLC, makers of AVEGAN Beauty and Ecco Bella, announces the company is now selling shares on Vegan Launch, the world’s first vegan crowdfunding equity platform. This makes AVEGAN Beauty the first vegan, woman-led business to sell shares on the new site.

Investors can participate in AVEGAN Beauty and other vegan-led companies for as little as $100. Before, only the wealthiest investors could help launch and grow vegan companies. Today, vegan investors at all wealth levels can have a big influence on the things that matter most to them – animal rights, human health, and vibrant ecosystems.

This is a unique opportunity to merge vegan ethics with entrepreneurship and investing. Vegan Launch is on the cutting edge of making early stage investing inclusive.

Slaughterhouse collagen is a global $15 billion annual market destroying animal lives, human health and the planet. Consumers purchase animal-derived collagen in the hopes of smoother, wrinkle-free skin and improved joint health. As veganism grows, those who already have a regular collagen regimen will increasingly seek plant-based alternatives.

AVEGAN Beauty has launched their NutraChic Beauty Drink for the purpose of helping the vegan and flexitarian consumer create robust collagen of their own, without resorting to the animal suffering created by the sale and use of slaughterhouse collagen powders. AVEGAN Beauty seeks to raise $1 million in investment from the vegan community to grow their direct to consumer business to end animal suffering for beauty.

“I am a vegan and have served as a board member of Friends of Animals and Primarily Primates for over 20 years. My daily practice is reflection, compassion and respect and I believe that no one has the right to deny another living being its right to happiness. That is why I created a company that would revolutionize the beauty industry to thrive off plant-based science instead of exploiting animals and using them as ingredients or testing subjects,” said New Earth Beauty Founder & CEO Sally Malanga. “As vegans, we have a personal commitment to ensuring plant-based companies thrive, and I am more than excited to be a part of Vegan Launch and give vegans a chance to help grow the vegan economy. Please consider investing today and your wallet and conscience will thank you.”

Interested investors can now purchase shares for as little as $100 at www.veganlaunch.com. Each investment level has a reward as a thank you for investing and believing in the company. Your investment will help AVEGAN Beauty scale production and sales of products to challenge the growing animal collagen fad and replace these cruel products with safe and effective supplements and skin care solutions.

AVEGAN Beauty is a health and wellness company that creates advanced vegan science-based skin care and dietary supplement products. Their goal is to become the leading vegan skin care and dietary supplement brand for the premium vegan and “plant-curious” consumer.

Ecco Bella is a pioneer in natural, organic, and cruelty-free beauty that began out of protest to the use of animals and chemicals for products. Because of their cruelty-free policies and products, many activists arose, consumers objected, and many brands stopped testing – helping to save millions of lab animals’ lives.

For more information about AVEGAN Beauty or Ecco Bella, please visit www.aveganbeauty.com or www.eccobella.com.

For media inquiries, please contact Crystal Vogel at crystal@aveganbeauty.com or 912-509-1510.

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