Woman/Minority-Owned Vegan Grocery Store and eCommerce Boutique Offers a Wide Variety of Curated Vegan Foods with Convenient Online Ordering

Boston Store Offers Pick Up, Delivery and Shipping Nationwide

BOSTON MA, April 21, 2021 /vWire/ — There are a number of reasons for choosing to become a vegan. Whether due to health reasons, moral conscience, environmental conservation, or personal preference, it’s ultimately a lifestyle choice. Despite a growing awareness about the many benefits of plant-based living, veganism has been slow to go mainstream due to limited access to stores that carry a wide variety of vegan foods coupled with misleading propaganda touting the benefits of meat and dairy that has shaped public perceptions for generations. NoPigNeva aims to defuse the stereotypes and break barriers associated with a plant-based lifestyle by providing products that make exploring and enjoying delicious vegan food more convenient than ever.

Founded in 2020 by vegans, NoPigNeva offers a boutique eCommerce shopping experience with a variety of plant-based selections beyond what can be found in local grocery stores, including unique items from small, local businesses. Customers can browse hundreds of products and place their orders online with the option to select same-day delivery, in-store pick up or shipping to locations outside of the Boston area.

“We aim to provide a premium service that makes vegan grocery shopping less time consuming while providing far more options and more convenience,” said NoPigNeva CEO Stephania Bernard, one of two co-founders.

While Bernard and her business partner are both committed vegans, each has their own unique reason for choosing a plant-based diet. Bernard chose to become a vegan five years ago after learning about the mistreatment of factory-farmed animals and her partner opted to go vegan after realizing the significant health benefits of adopting a vegan diet. Both consider themselves to be “foodies” with a passion for exploring vegan food in common, which makes curating products for sale at NoPigNeva second nature to them.

Having realized the same tremendous frustration with grocery shopping felt by most East Coast vegans, and vegans nationwide, Bernard sought to make the vegan shopping experience far easier and more convenient. By providing access to a wide selection of vegan brands in one online location, NoPigNeva saves vegan consumers time and alleviates the frustration.

“We hand-select every one of more than 500 items that we stock,” said Bernard. “Items we offer go beyond the more commonly known brands, so our customers are able to discover even more delicious vegan options to add to their culinary repertoire.”

NoPigNeva also offers a cost-saving membership program with “Monthly Explorer” and “Annual Blockbuster” payment options. All members automatically receive 10 percent discount on all products and receive exclusive notifications about new and upcoming vegan products. Members who select the Annual Blockbuster payment plan also receive a NoPigNeva reusable shopping bag. According to Bernard, NoPigNeva will soon be announcing details of another savings option she calls “Shipp’d Savings.”

“It’s all about making it easier for everyone to embrace and maintain a vegan lifestyle,” Bernard explained. “We’re driven to provide NoPigNeva customers with the kind of convenience, variety and savings that were harder to find when we became vegans.”

For more information, visit NoPigNeva online at https://nopigneva.com.

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