VegCatalyst Unveils Groundbreaking AI Technology for Vegan Marketing

VegCatalyst Unveils Groundbreaking AI Technology

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND, Feb. 21, 2023 /Vwire/ – Vegan businesses and animal rights charities can now predict how well their marketing campaigns will perform before they are published, thanks to a recently released feature on VEG3, an AI-powered marketing tool for vegan organisations created by VegCatalyst.

This powerful new feature, known as VegVision, uses artificial intelligence to predict the level of engagement that social media posts and digital advertisements will receive based on their content, format and intended audience.

VegVision is trained on digital marketing analytics from a wide range of vegan organisations using a combination of machine learning and human insight, with input from both AI engineers and vegan marketing professionals.

“We want every single one of our users — from the smallest solo entrepreneurs to the largest vegan companies —to benefit from the power of artificial intelligence in their marketing as much as possible,” said Sam Tucker, CEO & Co-Founder of VegCatalyst.

VegVision is currently free to use, although it will only be available on paid plans after the end of VEG3’s public beta test on the 10th of March 2023.

Maddie Davis, Co-Founder of VegCatalyst, notes that “We’re not aware of any other AI copywriting tool on the market that incorporates any kind of predictive AI like VegVision, so this is a really exciting feature that gives vegan organisations a competitive edge over their non-vegan competitors.”

To try the new VegVision predictive AI feature, create a free VEG3 account at

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