Vegan Friendly UK Challenging Consumers to ‘MAKE THE CONNECTION’


New tube ad campaign designed to ‘hit hard’ and highlight the ‘reality of the numbers’ launches in Oxford Circus

  • New ad at Oxford Circus underground station expected to be visible to over 2.5 million people from Jan 24th until Jan 31st
  • On average, the ad takes 8 seconds to read – in that time, 322,860 animals will have died for human consumption
  • Vegan Friendly urges public to ‘make the connection’ and realize that choosing animal products directly causes animals deaths on a massive scale
  • Campaign images:
  • How are Londoners reacting to the campaign? Captioned video here:

London, UK – January 24th – Vegan Friendly, a global non-profit organization, launches a new, bold ad campaign to help the public ‘make the connection’, and realize the shocking number of animals killed every second due to consumer choices.

From today until January 31st, Vegan Friendly’s new, hard-hitting ad will be available for all to see in one of the highest footfall areas in London: the middle of the westbound Central Line platform at Oxford Circus underground station.

The ad “doesn’t hold back” and provides the “reality of the numbers” to consumers, highlighting how in just 8 seconds (the average time it takes to read the ad), 322,860 animals have died for human consumption across the world. That’s over 40,000 animals killed a second. The staggering stat has been chosen to help the public realize the consequences of choosing and buying animal products.

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