The First Newswire Platform Dedicated to Supporting VegEconomy™ Launched Today

vWire empowers your vegan business to reach the growing vegan consumer segment through its targeted press release distribution platform.

TEMPE, AZ (August 11, 2020) – officially launched today becoming the first press release distribution platform focused on disseminating news about vegan businesses and professionals to the vegan media and influencers.

The idea for the platform came to co-founder Star Simmons and her team as they worked on the development of sister company vKind, an online directory and mobile app created to connect the growing number of plant-based and vegan consumers with businesses and service providers that offer cruelty-free, sustainable products and services.

The vKind directory houses hundreds of businesses across the US. It didn’t take long for Simmons and the co-founding team to see that the majority of listings were made up of small local businesses such as bakeries, restaurants and person-to-person services like fitness and lifestyle coaching.

“While the platform we were creating gives visibility to the businesses within the directory, we identified an absence for a platform they could easily access to disseminate news about their business to the vegan media and influencers,” said Simmons, a long-time vegan herself.

This is what vKind founders decided they would build as a resource that delivers low-cost news distribution capabilities to businesses of all sizes within the fast growing VegEconomy™.

Users can access vWire by setting up an account and following the easy steps to upload their press release. The platform grants access to hundreds of vegan, plant-based and vegetarian media outlets and influencers. Press release writing services are also available as well as distribution package upgrades.

“While we know many small businesses are struggling in today’s environment, demand for vegan and plant-based products remains strong. Boosting the VegEconomy™ by creating two platforms that support vegan businesses was paramount to us,” said Simmons.

In keeping with the values both businesses tout every member of the vWire and vKind team observes a vegan lifestyle and supports cruelty-free, sustainable living practices.


Contact: Paula Otero

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