Revealed: The Vegan Public Relations Star Behind the Stars

Will Callaghan

July 7, 2021 /vWire/—These days, if you think it’s enough for you to have talent, or for a brand to have a good product to offer, and that’s it … well unfortunately you’re mistaken! Behind every big celebrity or brand, there is someone working hard so that the artist or company is not just another name, but a successful and reliable brand. That’s what public relations specialist Will Callaghan, 37, has been doing for the last eight years of his life. Living in London for nearly 10 years, and working with UK and United States clients, Will has represented talent from shows such as X Factor, The Voice, The Apprentice, Junior Bake Off, Hell’s Kitchen, Got Talent, The Great American Baking Show, Broadway and West End actors, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs.

In addition to all the work this public relations maven does, such as launching people in the media and press, Will has also brought creative and money-spinning solutions for artists and companies in need of a brand identity.

Soon, there will be a big difference in Will Callaghan’s career. Starting in September, Will will begin working only within the vegan market. Due to Will’s belief system, he wants to work with like-minded artists and brands. The vegan market has been growing consistently each year, and many vegan brands and artists agree to work with non-vegan public relations agencies for lack of options. As a public relations professional and a vegan he will be able to combine the quality of his work with a passion for veganism helping animals and humans.

Will currently oversees the careers of Josie Clemens, from Hell’s Kitchen season 20 (Josie is the first vegan chef ever to participate in Hell’s Kitchen), Chris Tucker of The Great American Baking Show (baker and vegan chef), and vegan entrepreneur Maggie Ortlieb (founder of VegOut Magazine).

If you are an artist or influencer, or if you are a company in need of a publicist to give that boost to your career, contact Will at

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