Prima Launches Chill Out, the First of its Kind Functional Chew for Stress

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LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Uplifters’ Prima, PBC (“Prima“) the award-winning, science-backed whole body wellness brand making potent plant therapeutic skincare, body care and supplements announced its newest product launch, Chill Out, a highly innovative vegan CBD chew with a patent-pending, nutrient-dense formula that outperforms the traditional “gummy” and “CBD gummy” in ingredient quality, delivery system and overall efficacy.

Co-developed with a neuropharmacologist and nutritional biochemist, Chill Out is designed to address underlying nutrient deficiencies of the body that contribute to stress, burn-out, and fatigue. Its patent-pending, plant-powered delivery system addresses major deficiencies with traditional gummies. Combining 20mg broad-spectrum organic hemp CBD per serving plus magnesium and ten neuro-supportive nutrients, Chill Out reduces stress, soothes tension and supports healthy adrenal function.

“The modern day stress epidemic is wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds, and we all need daily, fast relief to escape the chaos. Unlike the standard gummies that are loaded with sugar and toxins, we spent over two years designing a truly health-conscious formula that enables immediate uptake via oral micro-vascular absorption, surpassing traditional gummies with its exceptional bioavailability and optimal absorption. Co-developed by leading doctors, Chill Out’s patent-pending plant-based formula manages healthy cortisol levels and actively calms the body and mind within minutes. It’s a delightful, instant way to take the edge off and just chill, without the hangover or the high,” said Christopher Gavigan, Prima’s Founder and Co-CEO.

The $3.7B global gummy vitamin and supplement market is ripe for innovation and a healthier, better-for-you solution. The majority of products on the market contain known questionable, unhealthy ingredient types: refined, immune-suppressing sugars, toxic and even carcinogenic FD&C food dyes, and animal by-products like gelatin. As the $14.2B vegan market size reaches $31.4B by 2026, informed consumers are demanding alternatives that align with their values as they adopt more plant-led lifestyles. The $21B global CBD gummy market is expected to grow to $13.9B by 2028, and Prima’s Chill Out will set the new elevated standard for pure, conscious ingredients and format innovation.

“Due to the nature of the gummy product format and manufacturing process, the serving size is typically four to five gummies to ensure high doses of meaningful ingredients, which leads to excessive sugar and calories for a nutritional benefit, or alternatively, a very limited ingredient offering. Chill Out’s novel food matrix allows for dense nutrient and vitamin delivery in only two refined-sugar-free chews,” said Laurel Angelica Myers, Prima’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

Chill Out’s launch campaign, “No Gummy Business,” aims to educate consumers about the negative health effects of traditional CBD gummies and gummy vitamins by questioning the typical ingredients in these products.

“The CBD gummy is contradictory in nature. How can we be calling this a health product when the majority on the market contain known toxins like refined sugar, artificial food dyes, and animal byproducts like gelatin that don’t align with the vegan and plant-based lifestyle? It’s time we stop undermining the helpful active ingredients in these products with unnecessary additives. Finally, there’s a better alternative, with added benefits,” said Jessica Assaf, Prima’s Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer.

Prima is available online at and at over 1000 retailers nationwide, including Sephora, The Vitamin Shoppe, Thrive Market, The Detox Market, Amazon, Nordstrom, Pharmaca, Erewhon Market, and Milk & Honey. Chill Out is available on Prima’s DTC website and app, and it will be launching in 600+ The Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide in July.

About Prima
Prima is a science-backed whole body wellness brand that makes potent plant therapeutic skincare, body care and supplements with organic hemp CBD and functional botanicals to help combat stress and target issues at their source. Prima’s products are made with the highest standards of purity, potency and transparency, using clinically studied plant ingredients. Built on a core foundation of sustainability, transparency, accountability, and corporate responsibility, Prima is Climate Neutral Certified, certified Plastic Neutral, and a certified B Corps. Prima is a privately held Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) based in Santa Monica, CA.

About Chill Out
Chill Out features 20mg of Prima’s bioavailable and organic hemp CBD per serving, with a magnesium and neuro nutrient blend and a patent-pending delivery system and formula composition:

Organic Hemp CBD Extract
Meticulously extracted broad-spectrum hemp rich in naturally occurring CBD, terpenes and polyphenols to support balance and overall wellbeing.

Magnesium + Neuro Nutrient Blend
100mg highly bioavailable Magnesium enhanced with Ascorbyl Palmitate, Vitamin C, Niacin, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamin, PABA, Chromium, and Biotin.

Patent-Pending Delivery System and Formula Composition
Mucoadhesive, saccharide-based, patent-pending, soft chew delivery system with formula composition designed for bioavailability and maximum benefit impact.

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