PR Expert Katrina Fox Provides Resources and Support for Vegan Businesses

PR Expert Katrina Fox Provides Resources and Support for Vegan Businesses
PR Expert Katrina Fox Provides Resources and Support for Vegan Businesses
PR Expert Katrina Fox Provides Resources and Support for Vegan Businesses

Katrina Fox is a journalist, PR consultant, and content creator focused on working with socially conscious entrepreneurs, change makers, impact-driven business owners, purpose-driven brands, and ethical leaders in the corporate sector.

Featured in many prestigious publications over the past 24 years, including Forbes, Fox’s media prowess brings power to her clients and their stories.

vWire: Katrina, when did you become vegan, why did you make that transition and how has it impacted you professionally?

Fox: I became an ethical vegan in 1996 after a school teacher exposed me to the countless ways that animals are used, abused and exploited for human consumption or entertainment.

Since then, it’s been my mission to educate, inform and inspire as many people as possible to embrace a vision of a world in which all beings are free to thrive.

Professionally, it has led me to start; host the podcast, Vegan Business Talk, write my book, “Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business,” the first global book providing success strategies for aspiring and existing vegan business owners; and to found VIVAS, a global community and content hub for vegan women.

vWire: Tell us more about your book and how it can help vegan business owners.

Fox: I knew there were a ton of general business books out there, many of them excellent for any small-business owner starting up. But there was nothing specifically for the owners of vegan-run businesses.

While many of the challenges, advice, and strategies apply to any business, running an animal-free operation brings its own set of extra, specific challenges.

So, I wrote Vegan Ventures because I wanted to read it. And I figured others would find it useful too. I wanted to find out from vegan business owners and entrepreneurs themselves what their secrets of success were. How did they cope with the challenges of running an ethical business? What did they learn? How did they grow?

That’s how the book project began. I conducted extensive, in-depth interviews with more than 60 owners of vegan-run businesses in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, along with vegan marketing, PR, and business growth professionals, and weaved their insights throughout the book. Some are larger operations with high numbers of staff, while others are small businesses.

The marketing and PR section is particularly comprehensive as it’s an area that many vegan business owners need to be able to master, so that people know about their products or services.

vWire: Are there other resources vegan business owners can use that you might think are helpful?

Fox: Yes! My online PR course for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs called, “Vegans in the Limelight,” is a great start to learn how you, as a vegan business owner, can get more media coverage and reach more people.

Press coverage done the right way is important for vegan entrepreneurs as it’s basically free publicity and who doesn’t want that? I created the course – which comes with support from me – as an affordable option to help business owners who don’t have the budget to hire a publicist or PR firm yet, so they can do their own PR.

You can find more information about Vegans in the Limelight here.

vWire: Why is it important for vegan businesses to do press releases?

Putting out a press release can be good for a company’s SEO, especially in the long term.

If you want to get media coverage, a press release is important, but you must have a good story and ensure that it gets to relevant media outlets who will be interested in it.

Regularly pitching the right media at the right time with the right story or angle keeps you on the radar of journalists who may contact you for other stories they’re working on in the future. You want to be top of mind.

vWire: Where do you see this industry in the next 5 years?

The vegan and plant-based business sector is going from strength to strength and I predict this trend will continue.

As more multinational corporations jump on the bandwagon, smaller and independent vegan businesses will need to ensure they stand out and get the attention they deserve. That means mastering their marketing and PR.

I’m excited by all the innovation happening in the sector – it’s a real game-changer for animals, people and the planet. I’m thrilled to be part of it by collaborating with vegan brands and helping to showcase them.

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