PlantFusion Launches New Vegan Vitamin Line

PlantFusion vegan vitamins help support clean eating lifestyles for not only Vegans and Vegetarians, but for anyone looking for more plant-based options.

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PlantFusion Launches New Vegan Vitamin Line

PlantFusion Vegan Vitamins are formulated to address specific needs and do more than just check nutritional boxes. “COVID-19 has propelled the Vitamin category this year. Consumers are looking for health and wellness options from brands they know and trust. Our PlantFusion Vegan Vitamins are the real deal – authentic, pure and 100% plant-based, manufactured in our state-of-the art facility, here in Edison, NJ,” said Melissa Feldman, PlantFusion General Manager.

PlantFusion’s Exclusively Plant-Based Line Includes:

  • PlantFusion Vegan Calcium 1,000 mg promotes bone growth, density and strength
  • PlantFusion Vegan Complete Iron 25 mg patented Ferrochel® chelated iron is easy on the stomach and highly absorbable
  • PlantFusion Vegan B-12 500 mcg provides energy support and is ideal for vegan diets
  • PlantFusion Vegan Complete Probiotic 35 Billion CFU survives stomach acid, and supports a healthy gut and immune system
  • PlantFusion Vegan Black Elderberry 1,150 mg boosts the immune system and reduces stress levels
  • PlantFusion Vegan Biotin 5,000 mcg strengthens hair, skin and nails, boosts energy and mood, and stabilizes blood sugar

Additional products will be available in November and include:

  • PlantFusion Vegan Complete C 1,000 mg supports immune health and includes 500mg antioxidant protection
  • PlantFusion Vegan Organic Vitamin D3 50mcg (2,000 IU) is highly bioavailable from plant-based lichen
  • PlantFusion Vegan Complete Sleep Support promotes optimal sleep by reducing stress and promoting calming relaxation
  • PlantFusion Vegan Complete Immune Support zinc, elderberry and vitamin C naturally boost the immune system
  • PlantFusion Vegan Complete Joint & Mobility Support turmeric, ginger and boswellia support healthy inflammatory response
  • PlantFusion Vegan Complete Women’s One Daily Whole Food Multi essential vitamins and minerals formulated specifically for women
  • PlantFusion Vegan Ashwagandha Extract 500 mg naturally enhances energy & mood

PlantFusion Vegan Vitamins are currently sold on Amazon and, and will be available nationwide in select retailers over the coming months.

PlantFusion Vegan Vitamins are CRAFTED CLEAN: 100% plant-based, free of sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs peanuts, soy, tree nuts, shellfish, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. All PlantFusion products are developed and manufactured in the USA.


More than nutrition. We’re complete nourishment.

At PlantFusion, we are health foodies obsessed with offering authentic, 100% plant-based, nutrient-dense, allergen-free products that delight the senses. Every transparent detail counts as we personally craft each product by selecting the seeds, plants and final ingredients. This fusion of unique ingredients and flavors provides complete nourishment.

For more information on PlantFusion and its full line of products, please visit

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