Plant-based Media Startup, The Beet, Partners with Grammy-Award Winning Music Icon, Songwriter Hall of Fame Member, and Vegan, Jermaine Dupri

NEW YORK, July 22, 2020 /vWire/The Beet, a new plant-based media platform incubated by 25madison, is announcing today a partnership with Songwriter Hall of Fame Member, Grammy-Award-winning music producer, rapper and long-time vegan advocate Jermaine Dupri. The partnership between The Beet and Dupri further brings the plant-based lifestyle to the mainstream and will focus around creating content that’s accessible and inclusive, newsworthy and supportive of anyone who wants to eat a more plant-based diet for the sake of their health.

The Beet is an incubation created by New York-based startup studio 25madison in collaboration with plant-based venture firm Gather Ventures, and is led on the editorial side by Lucy Danziger, the former Editor-in-Chief of SELF Magazine. Since its launch in January 2020, The Beet has grown exponentially, providing reliable plant-based information, product reviews and expert advice to a global audience reaching over one million unique visitors a month.

Steven Price, Co-Founder of The Beet and CEO of 25madison states, “With the rise of COVID-19, there has been a spike in interest in immune supporting health practices. People are searching for ways to make their everyday lives healthier, and many realize that adding more plants to their diet is a great place to start. The Beet is here to support that journey for anyone who wants to take it and we’ll meet you wherever you want to start.”

The Beet appeals to anyone who wants to eat more plant-based, who might not identify as strictly vegan but is purchasing more plant-based foods. This is especially true in the months since COVID-19, when plant-based sales have grown 148 percent, according to industry sources.

Jermaine Dupri states, “When I went vegan nearly 15 years ago, there were no Beyond Meats or Impossible Foods, and it was a commitment. The struggle was real and you had to be committed to find vegan food to eat. Now people know that they should eat vegan or plant-based for their health. The reason I chose to do this collaboration with The Beet is to help people who want to eat plant-based, but are not as far along as I am, have access to plenty of information.”

Jermaine Dupri’s role as Creative Advisor & Contributing Editor for The Beet is an exciting next step in helping others live a more plant-based lifestyle, by spreading the word about the benefits of a plant-based diet while continuing to shape the trajectory of this skyrocketing startup. Jermaine will contribute his unique perspective and create exclusive content for The Beet on a regular basis, covering how to live a vegan lifestyle and eat more plant-based meals.

Lucy Danziger states, “Jermaine Dupri is such a thought leader in the vegan world, and of course the music world. We have been in discussions with him to work with The Beet since our launch, and it’s such an honor to collaborate with Jermaine to promote how to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Jermaine Dupri’s mission to create equitable access to vegan food for all communities is more important today than ever.”

States Adam Slutsky, Co-Founder of The Beet and managing partner at Gather Ventures, “We are so excited to have Jermaine Dupri join The Beet’s team. He is an incredible icon in both the vegan and music world and joining forces will amplify the platform for plant-based health.”

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