NUMU Vegan Mozzarella Gains Traction Across Greater New York Area Pizza Scene

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BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 4, 2021 /vWire/ — NUMU Vegan Cheese, creator of NUMU Mozzarella, the stretchy, delicious and 100 percent vegan cheese replacement, continues to dominate the New York City pizza scene. The chef-loved, plant-based mozzarella is currently available at world-class pizzerias including Paulie Gee’s, Motorino, Belluci’s and Scarr’s, and restaurants and delis such as Gallioto’s Vegan Italian Deli and Orchard Grocer. Leveraging the success at notable restaurants in the Greater New York region, the NUMU team is continuing to explore new restaurant partnerships and distributor relationships nationwide.

Introduced to New Yorkers in 2016, NUMU Vegan Cheese was developed by Gunars Elmuts, who adopted a vegan lifestyle in 2011 while working as a DJ. Frustrated by the lack of vegan-friendly options available at late-night pizza shops, Elmuts decided to create his own revolutionary mozzarella – NUMU cheese. Unlike other offerings, NUMU delivers a 100 percent vegan cheese that melts smooth, has no aftertaste and delivers the clean, creamy flavor of classic mozzarella – perfect for pizzas, lasagnas and sandwiches. With its base ingredients of potato starch, soybeans and coconut oil, NUMU is Kosher and completely free of dairy, lactose, casein, nuts and is non-GMO.

“None of the places I used to frequent had vegan cheese, so I would bring NUMU to some of the best pizzerias in New York City. To my delight, they loved it,” said Gunars Elmuts, Founder of NUMU Vegan Cheese. “It took a long time to get the right flavor and texture, but when we got it, it was well worth the effort.”

After perfecting his formula, word spread about Elmuts’ revolutionary cheese. Early adopters include noted investors, chefs and pizza connoisseurs. Brooks Headley, the James Beard Award-winning chef at the vegetarian burger bar, Superiority Burger, calls it “the only vegan cheese that matters.”

“When we started carrying NUMU we didn’t realize how much demand there would be for this mozz. As word spread, NUMU became an essential part of our offerings and customers now come here specifically for our vegan pies,” said Scarr Pimentel, owner of Scarr’s Pizzeria. “NUMU is the only vegan mozz we’ll use on our pizza.”

“About 70 percent of the world population suffers from lactose malabsorption (lactose intolerance). 100 percent of the global population should be able to enjoy pizza without suffering. NUMU is an amazing substitute, not just for vegans, but for everyone,” said Chris Kerr, Chief Investment Officer at Unovis Asset Management and one of the earliest investors in NUMU Vegan Cheese, alongside Clear Current Capital, and Everhope Capital. “We aim to provide the resources that will help the company grow and look forward to working closely with the NUMU team to further develop and expand its product line and footprint. NUMU will be a key player in the soon-to-be $4.5-billion-dollar vegan cheese industry, one we believe will follow the same global trajectory as non-dairy milks.”

NUMU Vegan Mozzarella is currently available to foodservice vendors in convenient ready-to-use shreds and fresh blocks. The company is also actively developing a number of other varieties of vegan cheese. For more information, please visit

About NUMU Vegan Cheese
NUMU Vegan Cheese (, is the creator of NUMU Vegan Mozzarella, a gooey, delicious, 100 percent vegan, mozzarella that melts smooth, has no after taste, and delivers the clean, creamy flavor of classic mozzarella. NUMU is Kosher, dairy-free, nut-free, and non-GMO. Melt the hearts of cheese-lovers everywhere with ethically made NUMU on pizza, lasagna or your favorite sandwich.

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