Lentiful Unveils New Instant Lentil Meals

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BROOMFIELD, Colo.Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lentiful is proud to announce the official launch of its company and its groundbreaking line of instant lentil meals.

Lentiful’s “just add water, stir and microwave” meals eliminate the time-intensive process of cooking lentils, offering consumers an on-the-go, plant-based meal that cooks in just over a minute.

“Lentils have been nourishing humans for 11,000 years, they’re beloved across the world and are one of the most climate-friendly sources of food on Earth. Nutritionists love them. Celebrities love them. Michelin Star chefs love them. But ask the average American consumer how they feel about lentils, and you’ll often get a quizzical or lackluster look,” says Ben Bacon, founder of Lentiful. “I believe lentils are the most overlooked and underappreciated food here in America. And as more Americans seek out new plant-based proteins and trendy alt-meats, I believe the best answer is literally right at our feet.”

As nitrogen-fixing plants that revitalize soil, lentils are increasingly used by farms across America making the transition towards regenerative agriculture. And these lentils come packed with two functional attributes that American consumers actively seek: muscle-friendly protein and gut-friendly fiber.

“If we’re going to get Americans to eat more lentils, we have to meet them where they’re at. Our instant lentil meals eliminate all the meal prep – from chopping leeks, to sautéing garlic to simmering lentils, taking all the friction of out a culinary process that would normally take 30-45 minutes”

“Like many other founding stories, this company started with a personal need. Over the past few years, my wife and I have dialed up our plant-based eating and in that journey we discovered and fell in love with lentils as our “go-to” plant-based meal. But with four kids, demanding work schedules and after-school activities, we rarely have time in our day to stop and make lentils! Lentiful is our little hack to consistent plant-based eating on those busy days.”

Lentiful’s first product line comes in three popular savory flavors – Mexican Green Chile, Thai Coconut and French Mirepoix – and one sweet/breakfast flavor, Cinnamon Apple.

All four Lentiful SKUs come in 57 oz. single-serve microwavable paper cups for an MSRP of $4.95. They are also available direct-to-consumer in 4 and 8-packs starting today at www.eatlentiful.com.

About Lentiful:

Lentiful is on a mission to help more Americans embrace plant-based eating through lentils, one of the world’s most beloved, nourishing and climate-friendly foods. Founded by the Bacon family (who very much realize the irony of starting a vegan company), Lentiful takes all the friction out of plant-based eating, offering high-protein, high-fiber instant lentil meals that cook in just over a minute and satisfies hunger for hours.

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