Happy ThanksVEGAN – Plant-Based Tofurky Gobbles Up Market Share!

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New Streaming Service UnChainedTV Offers Free Award-Winning Plant-Based Cooking Content

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tofurky has been around for four decades and, in that time, has seen explosive growth, with sales increasing 20% in just one recent year. Americans are turning to plant-based alternatives to turkey in droves.

Yahoo Finance cites the explosive growth of the plant-based alternative-meat industry as one factor as well rising costs, noting “According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, frozen turkey inventories have tumbled in the wake of higher prices and supply chain disruptions, and are about 25% below three-year average volumes.”

Now, there’s a new streaming television network called UnChainedTV, where consumers who are looking for plant-based options can find FREE award-winning cooking shows, interviews with plant-based business leaders, and riveting documentaries about this skyrocketing trend.

UnChainedTV is available as a free downloadable APP on your iPhone, Android phone, or via Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, the Apple TV device, AndroidTV, and LG Smart TVs with webOS. Visit UnChainedTV.com for the list with links. It’s 100% FREE with no subscription required.

Now, on UnChainedTV, meet the man who made Tofurky a household name. And, order Tofurky founder and CEO Seth Tibbott’s riveting, new autobiography, In Search of the Wild Tofurky: How a Business Misfit Pioneered Plant-Based Foods Before They Were Cool.

“We give viewers thought-provoking content they cannot get on mainstream television networks. We offer solutions to the world’s leading problems: the climate crisis, deforestation, wildlife extinction, human hunger and human disease. People who click on UnChainedTV get a window into a life-changing transformation,” says UnChainedTV founder Jane Velez-Mitchell, an award-winning journalist who worked inside mainstream media newsrooms for decades, including as a host on CNN Headline News (HLN) and in syndicated and local television in Los Angeles and New York.

And It’s Fun!

Kicking off with the newest season of the award-winning, vegan cooking show New Day New Chef, UnChainedTV‘s plant-based series features famed vegan entrepreneur Miyoko Schinner, whipping up a dazzling “scallop” dish, using mushrooms in place of seafood. The 20 episodes feature some of the world’s top vegan chefs including: Matthew Kenney, Chef AJ, Chef Babette Davis, The Spork Sisters, Certified Master Chef Ron DeSantis, Mario Fabbri, Mollie Engelhart, Angela Means Kaaya and Ron Russell.

Check out UnChainedTV today.

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