Hair Health Leader Nutrafol Launches at Sephora U.S.

Nutrafol Products

NEW YORKJan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nutrafol, the leading brand reshaping the category of hair health, announces its partnership with Sephora U.S. From January 31, 2023, the brand’s full assortment of award-winning hair growth nutraceutical supplements and physician-formulated hair care products will be available on, and available in select U.S Sephora stores starting in late February 2023.

Since launching in 2016, Nutrafol has reshaped the hair category with its science-backed approach to whole-body wellness and set a new industry standard for clinically-effective, premium hair health products with natural ingredients. With a fast-growing consumer base and strong brand affinity, Nutrafol’s direct-to-consumer sales doubled in 2021, and maintain consistent growth. In May 2022, Unilever acquired a majority stake in Nutrafol bringing the brand into the Health & Wellbeing business to support continued growth and expansion.

“Looking at 2023 and beyond, we see a trajectory of growth for Nutrafol that allows us to share our clinically effective formulas on an unprecedented scale and in unprecedented settings,” says Giorgos Tsetis, Nutrafol co-founder and CEO. “This partnership with Sephora, the most trusted prestige beauty retailer, is just the beginning, and an important next step in providing more value and support for our customers along every step of their hair health journeys.”

Nutrafol’s suite of clinically effective hair growth supplements will be available online and in Sephora stores – including Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol Women’s Balance and Nutrafol Postpartum – each of which was formulated to support women’s different life stages when hair thinning is most common. Nutrafol Men will be available online only at For customers looking to further optimize their hair health, Nutrafol will also offer their collection of physician-formulated hair care – hair serum, shampoo, conditioner, exfoliating mask and scalp essence – bio-optimized for thin and thinning hair.

Additionally, Sephora will debut Nutrafol’s first-ever Women’s Vegan Hair Growth Nutraceutical ahead of its launch on this spring. The new clinically effective vegan formulation was created in response to the growing number of women that follow a primarily plant-based lifestyle and includes natural ingredients that target the root causes of hair thinning. Unlike many vegan hair growth supplements on the market, Nutrafol didn’t just remove non-vegan ingredients from the hair growth supplement. Instead, the brand leveraged the latest ingredient studies and scientific advancements to identify other clinically effective and nutrient-rich extracts to naturally optimize the body to support its own collagen production and balance the underlying root causes of hair thinning for plant-based diets.*

“We are so excited to introduce Nutrafol to our clients as we continue to grow this important, emerging category of hair wellness,” said Jennifer Lucchese, VP of Haircare Merchandising at Sephora. “By taking a holistic approach to hair health, Nutrafol is a leader in the space, offering clinically-backed formulations that seek to address hair thinning concerns at various stages of life. We look forward to welcoming this brand into our Sephora community and know that their innovations will be a great addition to our haircare assortment.”

For more information on Nutrafol, visit, or speak with your healthcare provider.

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