Goodbuy’s Shopping Tool Makes Conscious Shopping Easy.

Browser Extension Helps You Find Products From 183,000 Small Values Aligned Business


BOISE, Idaho, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/goodbuy, the easy button for conscious shopping, is now available to download. The easy-to-use (and FREE) browser extension intercepts online shopping searches and diverts shoppers to the same products from over 183,000+ small, values-aligned businesses x…  Shopping small has never been this easy.


From American made to cruelty free to Black-owned and every small biz in between, goodbuy seamlessly integrates into your existing shopping habits, providing the exact product you want from the small businesses you want to support. The browser extension helps consumers find products they’re shopping for at values-aligned businesses: AAPI-owned, American made, Black-owned, certified ethical, cruelty free, family-owned, Indigenous-owned, Latina/o/x-owned, LGBTQIA+ owned, local, owners with disabilities, sustainable, vegan, veteran-owned, and women-owned.


“We built goodbuy as a response to an undeniable need from a growing group of conscious consumers,” Cary Fortin (co-founder of goodbuy). “More and more shoppers are looking to divert their dollars to businesses they believe in, but the time-consuming task of battling SEO-driven results on google is prohibitive. Our browser extension is a clear solve to a shopping pain point,” Cara Oppenheimer (co-founder of goodbuy).

With 70% of the e-commerce marketplace going directly to 15 mega-retailers, goodbuy hopes to divert more opportunities to small businesses that are struggling to compete with the SEO, marketing budget, and name recognition of the big guys. More than 200,000 small businesses have closed due to the pandemic on top of the 160,000+ that already close each year.

goodbuy aims to unite the small business community and bring visibility to the small business everywhere.

Users can visit to install the browser extension.

About goodbuy

goodbuy is a browser extension that makes it ridiculously simple to shop what you want and support who you want.

We usually shop with a specific need in mind – let’s say you want a Hydroflask water bottle. Currently, if you want to shop from a store that aligns with your values, It’s on YOU to: do all the work, research all the businesses, to follow all the influencers, and to subscribe to ALL THE LISTS.

Our browser extension will remove those time-sucking barriers – and deliver the product you need from the business you want to support in a matter of seconds.

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