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vWire helps you make sure your vegan business news doesn’t get passed over with these handy press release tips



While we are overwhelmed with the fountain of information, we get each day there’s always time to read an article that peaks our interests. We not only read it in full but recall it later when in conversation.

Setting up your press release for success means it will get noticed and make the reader want to know more about what it details. This is especially true because your press release is being reviewed by a busy editor who’s scanning through dozens or even hundreds of submissions on any given day.

So how do you make sure your vegan business news doesn’t get passed over?

1. Avoid Throw-Away News – Sometimes the line gets blurred between editorial news and a sales pitch. A press release should include three elements:

  • The announcement (product, personnel appointment, etc.).
  • What it seeks to do (solve a problem, fill a niche, make things better).
  • Where can you gain access or get more information (purchase, sign up, etc.).

2. Make it Stick – Most people read and comment on an article after reading only the headline. A study shows that over half of links shared on social networks aren’t actually clicked on. While keeping people at just the headline is not the goal, having a strong headline that makes people stop mid-way through their scroll is especially important. It may take a few tries but it’s worth the exercise in getting it right. So, what makes a good headline?

  • It should connect with the reader. There’s a difference in saying “Study Shows Most People Prefer Apples to Oranges” than to say “Two out of Three People Prefer Apples to Oranges Recent XZY Study Explains Why”.
  • The headline should have a clear take away and offer a reason to read on.
  • Make sure your headline is credible. Unsubstantiated claims will quickly discredit both your company and your product.

3. Make it easy to be found – So you successfully got your reader to the first paragraph and keep reading, don’t wait until the end to include hyperlinks, they should be up-front. Readers are not a captive audience; they’ll scan through and move on. Leave them with something they can act on. Links should take readers directly to what is being showcased in the press release, meaning the product page, micro-site or website. Try to keep it at one click, two at the most.

Remember to include a contact person that is readily available. When reporters call for follow up or to request and interview, they’ll move on to the next if they can’t get someone quickly. You put a lot of time into making your newsworthy event happen, your press release should pack enough punch to make a splash.

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