Earth & Halo Launches Blue Crystalline: a Potent, Vegan Face Serum for All Gender and Skin Types

Blue Crystalline, vegan

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 14, 2020 /vWire/ — The newly introduced Blue Crystalline face serum by Earth & Halo is so potent that any product more effective than it would be prescription-based. Though highly powerful, Blue Crystalline is a gentle, consciously sourced, environmentally friendly, and vegan elixir that utilizes a harmonious blend of five organic extracts, which reinforce the attributes working deep on the cellular level. The rate of penetration of the patented microemulsion technology is five times higher than other serums and effectively brings the active ingredients to the bottom of the skin. The anti-aging, anti-acne serum created in collaboration with a dermatologist and microbiologist is made for all genders and gender non-conforming, as well as for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It also fights wrinkles, improves fine lines, stimulates collagen, moisturizes, soothes skin, and fights free radicals. Blue Crystalline is available for purchase on the Earth & Halo shop for under $60 with free shipping.

Ingredients of the Blue Crystalline face serum include:


  • White Water Lily Extract: Controls excess oil production & strengthens skin barrier
  • Rock Samphire Extract: Antibacterial properties purify pores and nourish with brightening antioxidants
  • Edelweiss Extract: Contains more antioxidants than Vitamin C, soothes and conditions stressed-out skin
  • Sea-Grape Extract: Improves elasticity and moisture levels in the skin
  • Japanese Indigo Extract: Rich with essential kind-to-skin vitamins and minerals
  • Plant-Based Peptides: Reduce the appearance of fine lines, by supporting collagen in the skin
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Improves overall texture, tone, and clarity

“At Earth & Halo, we believe in illuminating your inner beauty and your authentic self through self-care. This is the reason why we only use the purest ingredients that won’t harm your skin in our Blue Crystalline face serum,” said Aaryan Razman of Earth & Halo. “This serum is also the first step in our mission to bring to consumers, regardless of gender or type of skin, a line of products that are just healthy for your skin as they are for the planet.”

Earth & Halo is also working to introduce eye-cream, face cream, and other skincare products. Similar to its Blue Crystalline face serum, all these products will also be vegan, consciously sourced, extremely well-researched, and highly potent.

About Earth & Halo
Based in Culver City, California, Earth & Halo produces premium, highly potent vegan skincare products that are also gentle and safe for all genders and gender non-conforming, as well as for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The company’s products are consciously sourced, environmentally friendly, and utilize organic ingredients where possible. For more information, please visit

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