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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 3, 2020 /vWire/ — The Vegan Investing Club is a free online club that alerts members when Vegan companies begin crowdfunding for growth. Members are informed if special bonus shares and discounts are offered to early bird investors putting in the minimum of $100.

The new club just passed 5,000 members and will reach 10,000 this December when the first Vegan company is announced. This Club helps members invest in Vegan startups before they go public.

Founder Mark Perlmutter came up with the idea when his Vegan food company needed growth capital. He spoke with other Vegan entrepreneurs and heard the same thing many times: raising money is really hard. He formed the club to solve this problem for vegan entrepreneurs.

The Club helps investors of all sizes create their own retirement portfolio of exclusively Vegan companies. Members learn the secret of Silicon Valley — to diversify and invest in 10 or more companies, rather than just one. The low minimum investment makes this possible for nearly everyone.

Perlmutter went on, “Through the Club anyone can build a diversified Vegan portfolio starting with just $100. Private companies are able to have thousands of small shareholders because of new apps. And for retail companies, many of the crowdfund investors will become customers — so it can be a double win.” Then he added, “Aligning our money with our values, just feels right.”

The club approaches exciting Vegan companies to arrange early bird specials for its members including discounts and bonus shares. Once arranged, the club notifies members with a private link to view the new offering on a regulated crowdfunding portal. Members who wish to invest do so directly with the company via the portal. Members will see companies with these characteristics in common:

  1. Early bird discounts for club members who invest starting at $100.
  2. The company has a compelling business model, traction and a huge market.
  3. There is a defined exit strategy for early investors.

The Vegan Investing Club has been well received by Vegan industry leaders who are all too familiar with the difficulties faced by early-stage companies raising growth capital. “Businesses need start-up money and that can be the hardest to get,” said Seth Tibbott, founder of Tofurky. “This is like a bridge for people,” said Paul Bashir, founder of Anonymous For The Voiceless.

The successful IPO by vegan burger company Beyond Meat in 2019, was a wake up call for mainstream investors. Now the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about climate change have skyrocketed interest in plant-based products. According to the Good Food Institute, sales of plant-based foods grew more than five times faster than the rest of the food industry over the last three years.

“As Vegans, we understand that investing in Vegan startups can help move the world towards a sustainable and compassionate food supply. We’re happy to accelerate the Vegan economy and maybe we’ll do well, by doing good,” said Perlmutter.

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