Devi’s Donuts and Sweets is more than a pop up, it’s now a brick and mortar shop

Located at 3600 E Anaheim St, Long Beach CA 90804, Devi’s Donuts and Sweets is a vegan donut popup concept, that’s now a brick and mortar shop.

Long Beach, CA (October 6, 2021)/vWire/- Located at 3600 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804, Devi’s Donuts and Sweets is a vegan donut popup concept, that’s now a brick and mortar shop. With more than 10.5K followers on Instagram, 4.9 stars for Google reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp, Devi’s has a cult following of happy vegan and non-vegan customers that wait in long lines at markets and popups to snag their top selling flavors. Donuts like Creme Brûlée, Lavender Rose and Lemon Pistachio are quick to sell out at events. For Devi’s fans that have experienced sold out popups, these signature flavors can now be found on a daily basis, every Tuesday through Sunday at their shop.

This family owned and operated business is run by husband and wife team Tulasi and Eva Ognibene. Tulasi is known for running popups throughout Southern California. Eva, also known as The Queen of Donuts, spends her time in the shop from sun up to sundown.

As head of the kitchen, Eva makes every glaze, filling and batch of dough by hand. She decorates each donut daily using a 15-year-old recipe. According to Eva, the original recipe was an accident. This accidental donut creation is now touted as “the best donuts in Long Beach” by multiple Yelp customers.

With more than 30 donut flavor selections available in the shop, Devi’s Donuts and Sweets has a diverse array of traditional and unique donut flavors to choose from.

Devi’s Donuts and Sweets is proud about the family environment they are creating as a small business. “For us, money is secondary. Making happy customers comes first,” says Co-Owner Tulasi. For him, it’s about “forming connections.”

Both Tulasi and Eva want to use their new shop as a platform to “give back to their community.” They want to focus on creating opportunity for at risk youth and formerly incarcerated locals of Long Beach. By giving everyone a chance to work, regardless of their past, the Devi’s family hopes to create a “family atmosphere” within the shop. “We want to include everyone.” says Eva.

“We work hard to do what we do…. To give our kids a better life,” says Tulasi. He also notes they use very few machines because they pride themselves on ensuring their donuts have a personal touch and are “made with love.

Contact Information:
Devi’s Donuts & Sweets
Owners Tulasi & Eva Ognibene
P: (562) 343-5802
3600 East Anaheim Blvd.
Long Beach CA 90804

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