Crafty Counter Launching World’s First Whole Food Plant Based (Patent Pending) Hard Boiled Egg Alternative

WunderEggs™ are nut-based eggs that look, slice, and taste just like hard boiled eggs

AUSTIN, TX (September 30, 2021) /vWire/– Crafty Counter has announced plans to launch WunderEggs, a 100 percent plant-based hard boiled egg alternative that offers a superior nutrition profile while maintaining the look, feel, and taste of a traditional egg.

The company, whose mission is to reintroduce family favorites in a flavor-forward, nutritionally rich manner, developed WunderEggs with natural whole food plant based ingredients. The product is the result of a combination of almonds, cashews, coconut milk, turmeric extract, and black salt as well as the use of a proprietary process to create a taste and texture experience that resembles a chicken egg. The company has filed a provisional patent with the USPTO.

WunderEggs are also made for people with allergies in mind. Aside from nuts, the product is free from common allergens, including: soy, gluten, grains, eggs, dairy, fish, and shellfish.

As the world’s first vegan hard boiled egg, the product was created in part to fill a gap in the plant based egg category. Despite growing 168.8% in 2020 compared to the previous year, the category still lacked a hard boiled egg product. Now those who maintain a fully plant-based diet can rejoice in the fact they will no longer have to miss out on a breakfast or snack favorite. However, Crafty Counter reports that initial taste tests reveal the product is loved by not only vegans, but vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

WunderEggs were also created out of an urgency to aid a broken food system, the issues of which were exacerbated during COVID-19.

“My inspiration for WunderEggs really came during the initial weeks of the pandemic,” says Hema Reddy, founder and CEO of Crafty Counter. “I loved chicken eggs, as in I could eat them every day for breakfast. But breakfast had become layered with so many other considerations. I had become more aware of the environmental and animal welfare issues driven by factory farming, and then when I saw our food system beginning to break down during COVID-19, that was the last straw for me. My pleasure had become a guilty pleasure, and that was unacceptable to me.”

Crafty Counter at its core is committed to creating products that are good for people, animals, and the planet. With the launch of WunderEggs, consumers can have their hard boiled eggs and a clear conscience too.

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About Crafty Counter: Crafty Counter is on a mission to make plant-based eating a WOW experience via delicious, nutritious, and protein-rich snack options that are good for the planet and the palate. With whole food plant-based products such as WunderNuggets and WunderEggs, Crafty Counter is reintroducing family favorites in a flavor-forward nutritionally-rich manner.

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