Compostic Launches Certified Home-Compostable Cling Wrap and Resealable Bags in the U.S.

Compostic's performance compostables offer a guilt-free alternative to traditional kitchen plastics that are entirely zero-waste

MIDDLETOWN, Del., March 29, 2021 /vWire/ — Compostic, one of the first creators of certified home-compostable plastic alternatives, announced today its launch in the United States, available on and Amazon. With a mission to address the environmental catastrophe of plastic waste, Compostic’s performance compostables offer a guilt-free, 100% home-compostable alternative to traditional kitchen plastics that are entirely zero-waste, from the product to its packaging. In addition to the products’ sustainable qualities, Compostic’s innovative materials offer high-quality elasticity and strength to match the performance and functionality of traditional plastic, providing a simple solution to going plastic-free without compromise.

Founded by Jon Reed in 2018, Compostic was created to eradicate the need for common, single-use plastics from the home while maintaining the convenience of traditional plastics. After years of development, Compostic’s product line includes proprietary Cling Wrap and Resealable Bags that offer guilt-free, vegan-friendly and certified home-compostable plastic alternatives to consumers. Both products are FDA-approved, BPA-free, non-GMO and non-toxic, providing the functionality of traditional cling wraps and ziplock bags, but unlike common plastics, Compostic’s materials will break down in your home compost in just 12-24 weeks, faster than an orange peel. In addition to Compostic’s products being 100% compostable and creating a truly circular economy, the brand’s packaging can also be recycled.

“My inspiration behind Compostic began with my realization of the massive threat that plastic has become to our environment,” said Reed, founder and CEO of Compostic. “It soon became my life’s mission to find a sustainable solution to the convenience that plastics have within our lives, but that won’t stick around polluting our environment for hundreds of years. We are thrilled to launch Compostic in the U.S. as we continue our mission to eliminate single-use plastics on a global scale. We believe that with Compostic’s alternatives, there is no longer an excuse to use toxic plastics anymore.”

Compostic’s forward-thinking, eco-friendly materials are made from a compound of biopolymers designed to mimic traditional plastics in functionality. The kiwi-owned brand’s Cling Wrap is the world’s first home-compostable cling wrap that is entirely zero-waste, while matching the elasticity and quality of traditional plastic cling wrap. Aside from the sustainable properties of the Cling Wrap itself, which first debuted in New Zealand, the product’s packaging is free from any metal or plastic cutters, featuring soy-based inks and a recyclable and compostable box. The wrap incorporates pre-perforated markings for seamless use and is available in 150 square feet and 250 square feet lengths. Compostic’s attention to product quality and sustainability is extended through the brand’s Resealable Bags, which are more resistant than regular plastics. The reusable bags feature an easy-to-use zip to ensure fresh food storage and are available in snack, sandwich and gallon sizes.

“We understand few consumers are willing to sacrifice quality to purchase the most environmentally friendly option,” said Reed. “Because of this, we spent years carefully developing our performance compostable materials that function just as well, if not better, than their plastic equivalents. Our compostable Cling Wrap is as clingy as it is guilt-free and our Resealable Bags are stronger than traditional plastic. We look forward to introducing Compostic to U.S. consumers and helping them seamlessly transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Compostic is your simple solution to going plastic-free without compromise. To learn more about Compostic, please visit and connect on Instagram and Facebook @composticnz.

Founded by Jon Reed in 2018, Compostic offers zero-waste, vegan-friendly, 100% home-compostable cling wrap and resealable bags that will break down in your home compost in just 12-24 weeks, faster than an orange peel. With a mission to eradicate plastics, Compostic’s performance compostables retain the convenience of traditional plastics but remove the guilt. In addition to being certified home-compostable, Compostic products are FDA approved, BPA-free, non-GMO and non-toxic, and come in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging. To learn more about Compostic, please visit

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