A Vegan Program Highlighting the Contributions and Diversity of Black Culture

PHOENIX – Feb. 1, 2022 – vWire — Veguary is Afro-Vegan Society’s annual online campaign that encourages people to learn more about vegan living and how to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. The campaign aims to provide support for those in the Black community who are interested in going plant-based but who are looking for support from a community that centers the Black experience.

The book is titled: “The Vegan Soul Food Cookbook and Guide For Non-Vegans, Vegans, and Eryone Inbetween”

Released recently on Kindle Unlimited for $2.99, the book is full of vegan information for the culture and health of Black/Africans across the diaspora. In order to help celebrate this month, the book is being offered free on Amazon from February 12th until February 14th. (Kindle Unlimited Books may be read for free, this book is available for reading now)

In the African Diaspora which includes North America, UK, the Caribbean/Central America, and Brazil there are 140 million estimated people. The guide has links to vegan soul food businesses in these countries and many on the continent of Africa. As more people in general adopt a more plant based diet, this eBook attempts to be a catalyst at transforming communities with empowerment and cooperation.

The author and those behind the book believe that reaching 10 million readers across the globe can be not only practically beneficial to many communities, but it will send a big message to everyone about veganism and healthier lifestyles.

There are also many breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that many folks in the diaspora will recognize. A list of the top vegan cookbooks, websites, bloggers, videos and more is also a part of the
eBook which will be updated quarterly. These updates will cost the book owners nothing according to Amazon’s policy on eBook changes.

The link on Amazon is https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09RDGW42W

“The dining table traditionally is a place where we come together, this guide is not about shaming or blaming anyone. We just want more greens on everyone’s plate without the hate.” The Green King, Author

Michael Antonio

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