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Building Blocks for a Sustainable Vegeconomy

During the last few years, the plant-based sector of our economy has experienced exponential growth. While the advantages of adopting a plant-based diet are nothing new to the millions of vegans who have long-since embraced a cruelty-free lifestyle, there has been a steep learning curve for veg-curious consumers who are intrigued by the potential health benefits.

How Seth Tibbott found His Tofurky Moment

A run to the grocery store will have many of us reaching for one of Tofurky’s delicious vegan food options. We love the product but the man behind the ubiquitous brand didn’t exactly set out to dominate a category. The beginning of Tofurky was as humble as the founder himself.

How “Mom Frustration” Gave Way to a Business Venture

They say necessity is the mother of invention and Tara Fisher-Muñoz was very much a mom in need of a solution for her daughter who suffered from allergies. Many parents can relate with the frustration of watching as your little one suffers from skin irritation and not knowing which ingredient is causing it.

vWire News speaks with Erik Croswell, Production Director at Bridge City Media

vWire Expert Insights

The pandemic has left no one untouched, for many restaurant owners it meant closing their doors for good. Vegan restaurants weren’t the exception, according to Purple Cow data, some 88 plant-based restaurants in the US shut down since March.

vWire spoke with Lucy Johnson, founder of SHiDO Digital to get her perspective and what expert advice she can offer to businesses going through the adaptation process.

vWire Expert Insights

It seems change is the only constant in today’s unpredictable environment. The pandemic has forced many businesses to re-invent offerings in how customers can access their products. While, sadly, there have been many casualties and some businesses simply couldn’t pivot fast enough, we have seen a number of success stories.

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