Crispy Fruit Freeze-dried Fruit Snacks - 7 Delicious Flavors

Crispy Fruit Freeze-Dried Snacks from Crispy Green are the Perfect Snacks to Pack in Lunches and Backpacks!

In a recent study from Rand Corp., 84% of parents surveyed said they planned to send their children (ages 5-18) back to school in person this fall.1 Last spring, about 53.1% of K-12 attended school in person.2 So, although it’s not 100%, it’s a big jump and will seem much closer to pre-pandemic numbers. This means that the need for convenient grab-n-go snacks and healthy lunch options will now increase as well. That’s why Crispy Fruit Snacks from Crispy Green should be at the top of parents’ back-to-school lists.